State of Illinois - Driver/Attendant
Training Program

Medicarsafety’s (D/A-01) Training program meets (and exceeds) all of the requirements set forth in the State of Illinois [Joint Committee on Administrative Rules] – As outlined in:
[Section 140.490 Medical Transportation]

This course is a two day (2) class session. Subjects covered include:
• NEMT Vehicle Operator Program
• Passenger Safety Program
Students are certified at the conclusion of their class participation. Course fee: $175.00 per student.

MEDICARSAFETY.COM, Provides class sessions, throughout the State of Illinois. Call for class locations & dates. Weekend class schedules are available - Minimum class size- 8, Maximum Class size- 20.

To register call: (773.726.3466)

Requests to get scheduled for class participation must be placed with our office five (5) days prior to class presentation. Email: (or) Fax-773.726.3466. Incorporated’s NEMT training program is recognized by Insurance agencies in the State of Illinois. Service providers that participate in our training sessions are qualified to receive up to 10% off of their fleet insurance coverage requirements.
Other coverage services available to program participants:

• General Liability/Business Owners Policy thru an A++ Rated Carrier at extremely low premiums
• Workers Compensation/Employers Liability thru an A Rated Carrier with deviated rates below the State’s Advisory Rates.


Why Choose MedicarSafety for your training needs? We are the leader in:

  • non emergency patient transport training.
  • non emergency commerical vehicle training.
  • non emergency risk assessment evaluations.
  • non emergency fleet care assessment.

Training Program Clinicals:
Students participate in three (3) hands-on clinicals for program certification requirements.

  • Disability Device's Introduction
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Securement and Lock-down Procedures

Additional Services Available from MedicarSafety

  • Instructor Certification Training
  • Certification Training
  • Post Accident Investigations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • *NEW* Exceptional Children's Transport Module
    *NEW* Defensive Driving Course - Hands-on Class
  • *NEW* Billing assistance resources