TTT-10 TRAINER OPTION PROGRAM Incorporated is re-releasing its previously suspended – Train the Trainer – program. The updated (TTT-10) program is structured to meet the scheduling requirements of larger transportation companies while providing a proven sustainable NEMT safety program. There are some state imposed restrictions regarding this program option, contact us for more details.
Companies meeting the following criteria may apply for and participate in MCS- (TTT-10) program.

Program Qualifiers:

1). Any non emergency transportation agency.
2). Candidates for the (TTT-10) program must attend a mandatory three day training course. Be willing to demonstrate (during the course) that they can segment a portion of the program presentation.
3). All class participants of MCS- (TTT-10) must sign a Trainer-Conditional Acceptance Form.
Non emergency transportation agencies meeting these requirements that are interested in participating may contact:

Jimmie Hamp
Business Office Line: 773.726.3466 
Fax Line: 773.726.3466 
MCS-Management team.


Why Choose MedicarSafety for your training needs? We are the leader in:

  • non emergency patient transport training.
  • non emergency commerical vehicle training.
  • non emergency risk assessment evaluations.
  • non emergency fleet care assessment.

Training Program Clinicals:
Students participate in three (3) hands-on clinicals for program certification requirements.

  • Disability Device's Introduction
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Securement and Lock-down Procedures

Additional Services Available from MedicarSafety

  • Instructor Certification Training
  • Certification Training
  • Post Accident Investigations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • *NEW* Exceptional Children's Transport Module
    *NEW* Defensive Driving Course - Hands-on Class
  • *NEW* Billing assistance resources