Words from Our Students

“Good job, Thank you”

“The presentation was very informative. There were a few areas of safety matters that I wasn’t aware of. So the training was very appreciated and needed. We need to know as much about safety as possible, Thank you”.

“Very informative, I also think it’s good for every company”.

“I Delphine Bell, really enjoyed this class. I learned new and interesting things that will help me to be a better driver”.

“Very well done”.

“I don’t think that you can add anything to what you guys have presented, I certainly learned things I didn’t know, as well as things I have been doing wrong”.

“The class was very informative. They touched on subjects I had no knowledge of”.

“Class was very informative and professional”. Khary Phelps

“The presentation was very informative- information was presented that I had no prior knowledge of”.

“The program was very informative, I really appreciated the demonstrations concerning locking down wheelchairs. Now I know how to do that”.

“I enjoyed the class. The instructors were very professional and made sure you understood exactly what they were demonstrating”.

“The hands on clinical portions were great, Thanks”.

“Your workshop class should be given when a new company starts up”.

“Very informative and the follow-up help tips were very appreciated”.

“As a medicar driver we should all keep these important medicar procedures in our minds as we work everyday”.

“Thank you, I learned a great deal of information”.

“I really appreciated the way the crew showed me how to lock-down a wheelchair”.

“Can you put your program online”?


"Since implementing Medicarsafety's program, we have had a notable decease in the number of client injuries.


We have been able to train a team of trainers on the proper techniques and protocols, which has created a uniformity in our training system. This has promoted a higher awareness of safety factors in every aspect of our business.

The safety program has had a positive effect on our staff and the clients we service."

Thank you.
Stephaine, Lift2Care
Belleville, IL.