Employee Recruitment

Do you need a simplified employee recruitment program? Put Medicar Safety's recruitment program to work for you. Medicar Safety will post and run your requests for employment opportunities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MedicarSafety, will customize your request for job openings and detail your requirements to suit each specific demand. (See sample below)*

  • Communication personnel
  • Driver personnel
  • Driver assistant personnel
  • Administrative personnel
  • Fleet maintenance support personnel

Forget the hassle and expense of newspaper ads. Don't rely on the current employee buddy system. Choose Medicar Safety's online employee recruitment program for your needs.


Sample Employment Listing

XXX Medicar Company has openings for driver personnel. Requirements: Must be twenty-five years old (or) over. Five years clear driving record. Must be physically fit. Must be able to work 40 hours a week. May be required to commute. Will train.
Benefit package available. Call John Doe at: 847/000-0000 for forms and interview schedule.

Medicarsafety provides listing services for NEMT provider agencies on it's website. Contact us today for detailed information regarding how our website services can provide valuable tools for your business.

Contact us today at 773.726.3466 or email us for additional information concerning this service.