When you’re only as good as your least experienced operator, comprehensive training and education matter!

Whether we like to think about it or not . . . employee proficiency and work responsibility when conducting passenger care is the key element in controlling transport risk factors.

Insurance providers are not the final arbitrator on how transport businesses control their risk management affairs. Knowing how to control internal risk issues is the best leverage for profitability.

  • 70% of reported passenger injuries occur during loading and unloading!
  • 65% passengers involved in accidents or incidents during transport functions state they are O.K.!

Safety programs do not promote themselves, they do not support themselves. Knowing what you need to know is an essential key in controlling your business profitability.


At Incorporated training isn't the end. It's the beginning.



Did you Know?

MedicarSafety's training program is tax deductible and could decrease your yearly insurance expense.

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