Medicarsafety’s Featured Company of the Month!

Rosenthal Brothers Insurance

Whether providing transportation for seniors, individuals with disabilities, or people who are economically challenged, your customers count on you to get them to their important medical appointments. You can count on Rosenthal Brothers for the specialized insurance coverage your organization requires. Our broad and flexible program is designed to meet the unique needs of medi-car businesses like yours.
Call or email for a quote:
Michael S. DeGeorge
Rosenthal Bros., Inc.
847-940-4300  - Direct
847-940-4315 - Fax


MedicarSafety Partnerships

Custom Van Conversions & Mobility Skokie, Illinois.
Clients of can now take advantage of significant discounts through its business relationship with Custom Van in Skokie. Custom van provides for all services, parts and conversion issues exclusively for non emergency transport agencies. Contact us about how you can save on replacement parts or service issues at Custom Van Conversion & Mobility.

Medicarsafety has compiled the following list of business agencies that it recommends as integrity driven companies who have a business philosophy of customer first, second and last.

Accurate Arlington Services 
Arlington Heights, IL
Lombard, IL
Siglers Auto Body
Skokie, IL

Custom Van Conversions & Mobility

Skokie 847-679-8261
Howard Auto Service
Chicago 773.262.7193

Mobility Works

155 E. North Ave.
Villa Park, IL
Phone: 630-782-1900
Fax: 630-782-1950
Toll free: 1-866-711-5071

UCP of Greater Chicago
325 N. Wells Street, Suite 321
Chicago, Illinois 60610
(312) 464-1608 Phone
(312) 464-1646 Fax
(312) 321-1233 TDD