Deborah HampDeborah K. Hamp, President

Deborah K. Hamp is currently employed by the Chicago Fire
Department. She is a twenty year veteran of the emergency medical services industry. With numerous citations and awards to her credit. She is dedicated to the medical services industry. As the proud mother of two young boys, Deborah is actively involved in informational service programs and how they affect and benefit local school systems. She is a strong advocate concerning safety factors as they relate to transport service demands. Deborah is convinced that is a “win-win” program that benefits the transport company owner, the insurance companies, the service operators and ultimately the patient.

Jimmie HampJimmie D. Hamp, Program Director

Jimmie D. Hamp is the program director for
He has written the program contents and directed the video presentations that are the core products of’s training program. He is a thirty-year veteran of the NEMT transport system.

Judith V. Gramer, Business Manager
Judith Gramer is the Business Manager for  She has an extensive background in training, organization efficiency and public relations.  She has experience in both the public and private aspects of the healthcare industry.

Phyllis PearlmanPhyllis B. Pearlman, M.S.W., B.A., Risk Assessment Specialist/Public Relations

Phyllis B. Pearlman is a graduate of the University of New Orleans.
Her background in social work and public relations provides Medicarsafety. com with a wide-ranging skill set. She is working hard to provide resolutions to customer concerns in respect to transport safety awareness. personnel are
employed in the medical transport industry, education and/or related fields. We are a training service company rich in educational experience and highly aggressive in its approach to answering transport safety concerns. was founded in 2004 by Deborah K. Hamp. Her vision was to create a highly focused, innovative training system to replace the common (on the job training) formula that is more extensively utilized in the NEMT industry.

She believed by providing a comprehensive program that meets
the ever expanding role of the NEMT provider services, she could positively impact both the customer safety care issues and dramatically reduce NEMT providers burgeoning insurance claims.

Jimmie D. Hamp created and developed a training program that meets these challenges. Together they elected to move forward with the creation of After advancing these ideas they developed and created the website in an effort to inform and educate like-minded agencies. is a unique operation dedicated to challenging the generalized safety roles and working to improve specialized care for those who need and require specialized services .